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Comfortable Tiny House Bathroom

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Tiny house bathroom is not easy to be built. Despite its small size, it is also must be comfortable and hygienic. A nice bathroom can contribute lots of good things for the user. Maybe this sounds cliché, but actually a great bathing experience can boost the good mood and recharge the one’s exhausted energy after a long tiring work every day. Of course, this is impossible to be achieved without a comfortable bathroom

Simple Ways to Build a Comfortable Tiny House Bathroom

First thing first, you must keep in the mind that a perfect functional and comfortable bathroom for tiny house must has the cover essential everyday needs, to take a bath and also toilet. If you like to use tub, you can choose for a small tub with slim design. Also, you can place the shower above the tub to reduce the space it’s needed. But, if you dislike using the tube, you can just simply put the shower without the tube and it will surely need less space compared to the one with the tube. Instead of using shower door which required lots of space, you can use shower curtain.

For the toilet, choose one with rounded bowls instead the elongated bowls. The rounded bowls will surely save more space rather than the latter. In addition, place the toilet closer to the bathroom wall so it will take lesser spaces. To optimize small bathroom, place a toilet with washer embedded inside. This will give more benefit compared to toilet with washer outside.

Furthermore, a toilet with sink above it can be considered to be placed inside your bathroom. With purchasing toilet that also has sink, it will decrease the spaces needed by the sink. Above the sink, you can hang a mirror so you can fix your hair and make-up before leaving your bathroom.

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