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We think we all need to pay attention to the interior of our bathrooms because we use this place for relaxing after busy days at work. In order to turn our bathrooms full places of relaxing for body and soul you can take care of the design of this place. Indeed, creating the interior of this place with your own hands, it should be similar with the harmony of the overall design of your flat.

Actual bathroom decoration materials

The most well-known and reliable material for decorating of the bathroom is ceramic tile because of its properties. It has a long-term service and is versatile one; it can change a variety of natural materials. In addition ceramic tiles are very good in the sphere of price. The range of tiles is presented mostly by European and Russian manufacturers.

Mosaic is a type of very practical materials because it has the decision for not even surface and falls on them easily. The layout of the mosaic is the easiest path to make the desired individualities and flavor into the interior. Accordingly, ceramic tile cannot compete with mosaic in the sphere of self-expanding of individual ideas for design.

Fashion for using the materials of organic types has spread to the bathrooms decorating too. So it is possible now to use wood materials treated by modern techs for walls and floor covering.

Bathroom style: from classic to postmodern ideas

Classic style is a modest light-colored tile in combination with a magic marble texture; here the panels and decorative borders are appropriate.

Ethnic style provides decorations from stone or wood materials and combinations thereof. With this style you can make a perfect bathroom interior in Khrushchev-era apartment using wicker accessories. Minimalism is primarily freedom from unnecessary things and using of necessary things only. For such decoration glass, steel, plastic can be used.
Modern style is ideal for a small bathroom. Here the large importance is using of diverse lamps and stylish mirrors.
Provence style is a pastel colors and floral warm designs. Prerequisite is furniture of “antique” and natural covering materials.
Hi-tech is the option, when the bathroom interior style seems completely unsuitable for relaxing in the photo. And only practical men aware of the convenience of high-tech, that completely automates conditions for relaxation here.

Bathroom colors

Color has impact to the appearance and even the condition of the person especially in the bathroom that was made primarily for relaxing.  Therefore, when choosing the color decoration it is necessary to remember of simple rules of combination and effects that make diverse color grades.

Having a morning shower you want to see warm colors; but for people who love relaxing procedures are better to use cool colors. Regardless of the purpose and functioning of the bathroom, remember that warm tones are more energetic, they emotionally and psychologically transmit this energy to men (yellow, orange). Cool colors such as green and blue has a calming effect.

Bright interior of the bathroom is often based on the contrast of colors: blue and orange, for example. Classic of the genre is the black and white version.

Recent neutral combinations are cream and yellow. Accents in this interior are made with help of different accessories.

Planning bathroom interior, it is necessary to pay attention to its special purpose. The bathroom style is created to make a comfortable and good atmosphere. At the same time, the bathroom must be a practical and individually planned place because, firstly, it is a room for being alone and for relaxing.

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