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Steampunk Bathroom for College Student

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Steampunk bathroom can give uniquely different bathing experience. This style inspired from more than one hundred centuries ago industry style which meets with futuristic dreams. Steampunk also blend some fantasy inside it. This makes steampunk as one of the most beautiful and easy to decor bathroom style for college students.

Bring Steampunk Bathroom inside Your Boarding House

You do not need to worry about the white bathroom wall which decreases the steampunk aura from your bathroom. You just need to print some of the world maps that are made in 19th century. Those maps must be printed on material that repels water, so it will not be faded by the shower’s splash. Then just stick it to cover your white bathroom wall

If the dormitory bathroom is still use the conventional red bricks wall that will be more perfect. Choose bathroom equipment with wood as the main material. You can grab broken gears to decorate the wall as well. Paint the gears with natural color such as dark brown and hang it on the bathroom wall. You can also add some pipes among the gears to create a complicated wall ornament. Those pipes can also act as a good hanger for your clothes.

You can also change the clock inside the bathroom with the one that use gears to decorate it. This gear shaped clocks will improve the steampunk theme inside your bathroom. Choose wisely about the color of the clocks. Use neutral color, more like brown, sepia, or broken white. Never choose the one with cheerful color like shocking pink. If you can’t find clock with gears, just simply make it yourself! Take a gear with a big hole in the middle, spacious enough for a clock, and put a rounded edge clock inside it to make your bathroom perfect.

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